What We’re Working On

We know LessMeeting hasn’t had a big features update in the last few months, but we wanted to let everyone know that we have some great things in the pipeline. In the past few weeks we have released some minor updates that have made the application more stable and easier to use, such as reordering […]

LessMeeting Mini Release: Huddles, Nested Agendas and More

Today we have a new LessMeeting mini release that introduces some new functionality and includes a handful of fixes and improvements. So what’s new? Here are the highlights: Have a Huddle meeting See when Google last synced with LessMeeting Nested Agendas for meetings from GCal and CC Meet Now! with a Huddle Sometimes meetings happen […]

New Release: Announcing Google Integration and Other Great Updates

The ability to automatically sync your meetings and tasks with Google; custom meeting minute templates; updates to Daily Digest settings for your meeting attendees; and of course a number of helpful bug fixes?Yep, we’ve got all that and more in the latest LessMeeting release. Check out the details below… Google Apps Integration with LessMeeting We’ve […]

New Feature Highlight: Daily Digest Settings

As we highlighted earlier in the week, we’ve just released a bunch of updates to LessMeeting.  Today we’d like to quickly detail one of those.Daily Digests for Your Attendees Previously you’ve been able to control a number of your own Daily Digest settings: how many Todos to include, how far forward to look, whether you […]

New Release: Better Outlook Performance, Requested Features, and Google Apps Beta

We are very excited to announce that we are releasing a new version of LessMeeting today. This includes updates to both the Outlook plugin and the web app.Requested Features Our users have always had great ideas and suggestions about ways to improve LessMeeting. Here are some of the ones we have included in this release:The […]

Simplifying Things: Tutorial and Moving Notes

“Can you give us a tutorial?“  “I’m having trouble moving notes around?“ Once again you asked and we listened.  LessMeeting updates keep coming – here are two new features that we’re excited to have rolled out over the holiday weekend.New Tutorial Feel like you’re not utilizing LessMeeting to its full potential but don’t have time […]