Simplifying Things: Tutorial and Moving Notes

Can you give us a tutorial? 
I’m having trouble moving notes around?

Once again you asked and we listened.  LessMeeting updates keep coming – here are two new features that we’re excited to have rolled out over the holiday weekend.New Tutorial

Feel like you’re not utilizing LessMeeting to its full potential but don’t have time to read the manual?  The new tutorial walks you through the best features of the meeting page, including:

  • Tips about creating notes
  •  Shortcuts for assigning action items 
  • How to close out a meeting

New users will automatically see the tutorial after they sign up. Existing users can access the tutorial by clicking the Help link at the top and then clicking the “Take Tutorial” button.

Want to learn the keyboard shortcut to add an action item?

Easier Drag/Drop

We have been looking for ways to make it easier to move notes and think we’ve found the solution. Now when you drag a note two buttons will appear: “Move Before” and “As Sub-Note”.  

Drag the note and drop it on one of those buttons to complete the move with greater precision.

Keep the suggestions coming, we love to hear from you. Email your ideas to or Tweet us @LessMeeting.


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