Keep track of all your team todos in one place.

Less Time

Clear agendas and simple meeting minutes save your company valuable time.


Automated Follow Up

Automated email reminders make sure you’re staying on track.


Better Meetings

Meeting best practices built into every meeting.

Meetings taken place this year in the U.S. 

they are not going away...

Control Your Meeting Topics

Agendas allow you to allocate a specific amount of each time per each topic.


Easily Sync With Outlook, Google Apps & iOS Devices


 State Of The Art Security




Shareable Meeting Minutes

Real-time collaboration and keyboard shortcuts allow you to instantly capture and share important meeting minutes, actions, and decisions.


Meetings On The Go

Work in the air or the conference room with our iPad and iPhone apps. No connection? No problem – sync when you are back on the internet.

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"The ability to sync recurring meetings w/topics and automatically interface them with Outlook is a godsend."

- Barry Gregory, Home Depot

"The difference with Less Meeting is that the ability to plan, record, and share meeting goals is about 1000x easier and more efficient than trying to jot down a bunch of notes and dialog."

- Joshua Flail, RippleIT

"ARCA has loved the accountability of having meeting agendas, the ability to track ‘open' & 'owed' items and constantly amazing our customers with minutes published within seconds of the meetings close."

- Kirk Nelson, Arca

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