Your meeting problem ? Solved.

With automated agendas, structured meeting notes, AI-driven ratings, KPI tracking and automatic action item follow-ups, Less Meeting will keep your meetings short and attendees accountable.

Control Your
Meeting Topics

With our Meeting Agenda feature, thoughtfully structure each meeting and allocate a specific amount of each time for each topic.

With built-in templates and recurring meeting support, you can refine your agenda format as your meeting structure improve, to arrive at an optimal agenda for the best productivity.

Massive Time Saver

Teams that use LessMeeting reduce their time spent in meetings by 21% on average. You can even view your improvements in real-time using our Team Analytics feature.

Easy To Use

LessMeeting is simple, automated and straightforward to use, so that you can focus on running your meetings and not fiddling around with a complex platform.

Secure Infrastructure

All your meeting data is encrypted at rest using the latest best practices, and only visible by you and your team.


Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent support. Our team is available to help via live chat and email at any time.

Easily Sync with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Less Meeting connects to your Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace calendar and synchronizes every event in real-time, so that you can benefit from our powerful features at every single meeting you attend.

What Our Customers
Say About us

As a project manager spending multiple days a week in meetings, Less Meeting has been a huge help in resolving my “meeting problem”. Agendas are strict, action items are followed up on automatically, and the search features are very helpful when we need to refer back to old notes.

Dave N.

The KPI features in Less Meeting have been awesome for 1:1s with my sales team. I get to see previous meeting notes in the current view, and an automatic KPI chart is visible at all times, showing everyone’s progress over the weeks.

Thomas C.

My favorite feature is the team analytics! My whole team uses Less Meeting and I see exactly how much time they spend in meetings and what it costs the company. With that information, we’ve been able to streamline our meeting schedule and trim it down significantly, to everyone’s relief.

Anthony L.

As the sole product manager for my SaaS company, Less Meeting has been very helpful in keeping track of the multiple meetings I have every week with key stakeholders. Everything is organized, searchable and followed up on, with almost no effort.


Camilla P.


It can be difficult keeping track everything you have to do, let alone the people you work with.

Simple Meeting Minutes

Real-time collaboration and keyboard shortcuts allow your team to instantly capture and share important meeting minutes, actions, and decisions.

Automated Follow Up

Automated reminders allow users to assign and check off action items so that you aren’t stuck finding out whether anything is getting done.

Less Time in Meetings

Set agendas and simplify meeting minutes for an average of 18% less time spent in meetings.

Meeting Best Practices

Less Meeting teams report being 80% more likely to follow meeting best practices when using our tool. Good meetings = happier employees and better team culture.

Meetings On The Go

Work in the air or the conference room with our iPad and iPhone apps. No connection? No problem – sync when you are back on the internet.