New Feature Highlight: Daily Digest Settings

As we highlighted earlier in the week, we’ve just released a bunch of updates to LessMeeting.  Today we’d like to quickly detail one of those.Daily Digests for Your Attendees
Previously you’ve been able to control a number of your own Daily Digest settings: how many Todos to include, how far forward to look, whether you even want to get your daily digest sent to you…

There’s now a new Daily Digest option to control the emails for your meeting attendees too.

When “Send Todo Reminders to my Meeting Attendees not registered with LessMeeting” is checked, anyone in your meeting who is assigned a Todo will receive a Daily Digest until their Todos are complete.  This includes both people that have signed up for LessMeeting as well as people that have not signed up

We have received requests to not have LessMeeting Daily Digest emails sent to attendees who haven’t registered with LessMeeting yet (and as a result might not be expecting a LessMeeting email).  If that’s the case, simply uncheck the same option.   

Note – this only applies to attendees in meetings who have not signed up for LessMeeting.

As always, keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep listening.


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