LessMeeting Mini Release: Huddles, Nested Agendas and More

Today we have a new LessMeeting mini release that introduces some new functionality and includes a handful of fixes and improvements. So what’s new? Here are the highlights:

  • Have a Huddle meeting
  • See when Google last synced with LessMeeting
  • Nested Agendas for meetings from GCal and CC
Meet Now! with a Huddle

Sometimes meetings happen at the spur of the moment. We call these meetings “Huddles”. And since they happen last minute, you don’t always have much time to set it up in LessMeeting.

Now all you need to do is just click the Quick Huddle option from your dashboard and you’re set – that’s it.

When did Google Calendar Sync Last?
The Google Calendar integration has been very popular since coming out of beta last month. We wanted to improve this experience to make it even easier to use.

As you can see above, the Google setup page now displays the most recent time that LessMeeting synced with your Google Calendar/Tasks.

Nested Agendas for Google and CC Users too
For some time Outlook users have been able to create nested agendas in their meeting invites. Now Google Calendar and CC@lessmeeting.com users can too.

To add a nested agenda, simply add a dash (e.g. “-“) or lower case letter/roman numeral (e.g. “a.”, “i.”) below each agenda line. For example:

1. Using Dashes (5 min)
– nested agenda 
– nested agenda
2. Using Roman Numerals (10 min)
i. nested agenda
ii. nested agenda
3. Using Letters (5 min)
a. nested agenda
b. nested agenda

Check out the original post for more details about adding agendas and tags to your invites.

And of course we have some bug fixes and other improvements in this release. If you have any other features you’d like to see, or just have questions about using the new features in this mini release, email us at staff@lessmeeting.com or reach us on Twitter.

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