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Announcing Reminders Integration for iPad/iPhone

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We’ve got a short & sweet mobile app update – announcing action item integration with your iPad/iPhone Reminders app!

Setting up Sync with your Reminders App

How does the sync work between your Less Meeting app and your iPad or iPhone?

Simple, just turn it on from the “Settings” tab of the Less Meeting app.

Make sure to allow Less Meeting to access your Reminders app. If you accidentally tapped “Don’t Allow” you can fix that by going to Settings > Privacy > Reminders and flipping Less Meeting to “On”.

Now, all your open to-dos from Less Meeting will automatically sync to the Reminders app, including their due date and details.

You can edit and complete your tasks from either the Reminders app or Less Meeting, and the updates will automatically sync to each other.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve setup your Reminders app with iCloud, your action items will also sync to your computer.

We’ve knocked out a number of other bug fixes, pesky app crashes and performance improvements in this release, so make sure to update your app today.

PS – Reminders sync only works for iOS 6 users. We’d love to support iOS 5 integration but unfortunately that’s out of our control.

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An important note about the latest Less Meeting mobile app update

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That didn’t work out as planned…

We were all ready to tell you about our latest Less Meeting mobile app update (v1.2.2). We have fixes in place for a number of key bugs, as well as integration with the Apple iOS Reminders app. Cool stuff, right?
Well, in the process we unfortunately had a critical issue arise preventing the app from working on any non-retina device. This affects users on:
  • iPad 1 and 2,
  • iPhone 3 and earlier,
  • and the new iPad Minis.

If you have a non-retina devices, do not update to the latest mobile version (v1.2.2). This is 100%  our fault – and for that we’re both sorry and a bit embarrassed.

Getting the fix out

After discovering the non-retina device issue, we quickly turned around a fix last week and resubmitted the new app update (v1.2.3) to Apple for review, including requesting an expedited review to get the fix out ASAP.
In the process Apple found that our app is not in compliance with their App Store Review Guidelines. In particular, they referred to the process of having users enter their email to use the app (note that this has never changed from the original app store release). As Less Meeting users, you’ll recognize the importance of why the app captures your email: assigning action items, syncing with your iPad/iPhone calendar, and tracking attendees.
We’ve made our case to Apple about both why the app needs your email, as well as why we need to get this fix out, but ultimately these are Apple’s decisions to make.

What this means to you

Until Apple approves our compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, we unfortunately have no other way to get the fix to non-retina users. Nor can we roll back to the previous, working version. The best workaround is to avoid upgrading and use a retina-enabled device when possible (iPad 3+, and iPhone 4+). We don’t have an ETA, but as soon as we do we’ll of course let you know.
Thanks again for your patience and continued support of Less Meeting. If you have any other questions or concerns you can always reach us directly via our support site.
– The Less Meeting Team

New iPad/iPhone Release: Edit/Delete Meetings, Custom Minutes, Help & More

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Happy New Year part II!Last week we announced an updated Outlook plugin and this week we’ve got more new stuff on the way for you.

This time around it’s v2 of our iPad & iPhone apps!

After our initial app release at the end of last year we got some fantastic feedback. Long time Less Meeting users pointed us toward some of their favorite web features that we’d left out, and first time Less Meeting-ers gave some great new insight and perspective.

Editing and Deleting Huddles and Meetings

Easily the #1 request was the ability to edit Huddle times & subjects. In a close 2nd were requests to delete old huddles you don’t want anymore. Even though you could do this from the web, we missed a key feature by not including this in the mobile apps.

To edit or delete your meeting, tap the Calendar Entry icon from the meeting and then tap Edit from the popup.

Brand Your Meeting Minute Emails

Love having your notes get sent out right after the meeting, but want more control over the meeting minutes email? New email template options now let you pick:

    • Who gets the email


  • Which meeting notes are included



  • The branding of the email (e.g. pick your own colors & logos)


You’ll see these options next time you tap Send Minutes from your iPad or iPhone.

Note: You’ll need a web account to take advantage of meeting minute email branding.

Instant Help at Your Fingertips

To help you get the most out of the mobile apps we added some common FAQs and an overview of favorite features right into the app.

Access the help menu from the Settings tab or the help icon on your meeting page.

Update iOS 6 Permissions to Fix Crashing

Unfortunately some users experienced occasional crashing when trying to sync their calendars or contacts. If you’ve seen crashes during these activities download the latest version of the app.

And of course we’ve added some smaller tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes that you’ll notice as well. We’ve improved the device calendar sync, added an in-meeting view of related action items to the iPhone (was already on the iPad), improved performance, and more…

Don’t have the Less Meeting iPad or iPhone apps yet? They’re free and no account is needed, so why not? Download the app to start running productive meetings today.

New Outlook Plugin Release: Meeting Notifications

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Happy New Year!

To get your meetings off on the right foot in 2013 we’ve released an updated Less Meeting Outlook plugin. Check out the details below.

Making it Easier to Start Your Meetings

A common comment we hear is that sometimes you wish you’d used Less Meeting to take notes for a meeting but simply forgot. It’s an honest mistake – it’s tough running from meeting to meeting all day, having to remember dial-in codes and WebEx URLs.

So we added meeting notifications to make it as easy as possible to fire up Less Meeting and start taking notes for your next meeting.

Take Notes With One Click

Why Do I Want This?

  • You’re coming late from your last meeting & forget to open Less Meeting before the next one starts
  • You can see ahead of time that your meeting is missing an agenda and quickly fill one in
  • Or, you’d like a much simpler meeting reminder system than Outlook’s!


  • If you’re already using the Less Meeting Outlook plugin it will update automatically
  • If not, just download & install the latest Outlook plugin

How to Use It

There’s not much to it. All of your meetings from Less Meeting will now show a notification that you can click through to the meeting page in just one click.

And if you’d like, go to your taskbar to change when notifications appear.

If you’re a Google Calendar or non-Outlook user we’ve got you covered too. We’ll have a standalone widget available for you soon. Stay tuned.

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iPad and iPhone Less Meeting Apps Now Available – And Free!

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We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Less Meeting family.First we brought better meetings to the web. Then we let you connect Less Meeting to any Calendar, working behind the scenes to seamlessly and automatically sync all your meetings to Less Meeting.

Now we’ve gone mobile, taking Less Meeting to your iPad/iPhone. It’s the same Less Meeting you already use and love – and now – everywhere you go online and offline.

Whether you’re at a coffee shop, in a conference room with no internet, or taking a call on the road, we understand that your meetings are mobile. So if you’re at your desk or miles from an internet connection, we’ve got you covered.

The Less Meeting Mobile Experience

With Less Meeting on your iPad or iPhone you not only get the same features you love from the web, but also some exciting new just-for-mobile exclusives.

    • Access to all your existing meetings, notes & actions items


  • Seamless sync with your iPhone/iPad calendar



  • Offline support, letting you sync back up when you’re connected again



  • Intuitive gestures and keyboard shortcuts that make tablet note taking a breeze



  • Intelligent integration with your mobile camera – great for a quick pic of your whiteboarding session



  • Complete device level encryption to keep your data secure


…and of course much more, but you’ll just have to download the app yourself to find out. Best of all it’s free and doesn’t require an account.

We’re so excited, and looking forward to hearing your feedback!


New Release: One-click agendas, New help resources, and more…

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In the latest Less Meeting release we’ve made it easier to create agendas on the fly, launched a brand new support site, gave you a taste of the new Less Meeting look, and more.Get the details below.

Create an Agenda in One-Click

In an ideal world every meeting would have a plan going into it – a nicely planned agenda so we know why we’re meeting and can stick to it. Is this really the case though? Far from it.
Instead of prompting you to create an agenda when there isn’t one, we’ll now give you a link with two pre-set agenda options:
    1. Status Meeting – Perfect for a team standup, we’ll create an agenda section for each person in the meeting.


  • Start Taking Notes -Just want a free form notes section? This is for you.


You’ll also notice a new Clear option that’ll make it easier to reset agendas – especially useful for recurring meetings with an agenda that changes meeting-to-meeting.

Introducing Support.LessMeeting.Com

We’ve centralized all our support resources into one location, and we think you’re going to like this a lot. Leveraging the great support platform from, we’ve integrated Help, FAQs, Tutorials, Customer Questions, and more, all in one place.
The best part is that over time we’ll always be updating this site with more great help content.
Get a preview of it here, or click the Help link from Less Meeting.Now if you have any questions you can use the Post a Public Question link and we’ll answer it just like we normally would via email.

Freshening Up Our Look

It’s been awhile since we last updated our look. To be sure, it’s not all about looking new and trendy, but rather making the interface clear and easy to use.We have a number of design updates we’re excited to show off in the upcoming months. To kick things off, we’re starting with a sneak peak of our new logo.

So what do you think? Tell us in the comments and as always, let us know what new features you want to see in our next release (PS – You no longer have to email us, you can just post a request to the support page).

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