An important note about the latest Less Meeting mobile app update

That didn’t work out as planned…

We were all ready to tell you about our latest Less Meeting mobile app update (v1.2.2). We have fixes in place for a number of key bugs, as well as integration with the Apple iOS Reminders app. Cool stuff, right?
Well, in the process we unfortunately had a critical issue arise preventing the app from working on any non-retina device. This affects users on:
  • iPad 1 and 2,
  • iPhone 3 and earlier,
  • and the new iPad Minis.

If you have a non-retina devices, do not update to the latest mobile version (v1.2.2). This is 100%  our fault – and for that we’re both sorry and a bit embarrassed.

Getting the fix out

After discovering the non-retina device issue, we quickly turned around a fix last week and resubmitted the new app update (v1.2.3) to Apple for review, including requesting an expedited review to get the fix out ASAP.
In the process Apple found that our app is not in compliance with their App Store Review Guidelines. In particular, they referred to the process of having users enter their email to use the app (note that this has never changed from the original app store release). As Less Meeting users, you’ll recognize the importance of why the app captures your email: assigning action items, syncing with your iPad/iPhone calendar, and tracking attendees.
We’ve made our case to Apple about both why the app needs your email, as well as why we need to get this fix out, but ultimately these are Apple’s decisions to make.

What this means to you

Until Apple approves our compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, we unfortunately have no other way to get the fix to non-retina users. Nor can we roll back to the previous, working version. The best workaround is to avoid upgrading and use a retina-enabled device when possible (iPad 3+, and iPhone 4+). We don’t have an ETA, but as soon as we do we’ll of course let you know.
Thanks again for your patience and continued support of Less Meeting. If you have any other questions or concerns you can always reach us directly via our support site.
– The Less Meeting Team

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