New Outlook Plugin Release: Meeting Notifications

Happy New Year!

To get your meetings off on the right foot in 2013 we’ve released an updated Less Meeting Outlook plugin. Check out the details below.

Making it Easier to Start Your Meetings

A common comment we hear is that sometimes you wish you’d used Less Meeting to take notes for a meeting but simply forgot. It’s an honest mistake – it’s tough running from meeting to meeting all day, having to remember dial-in codes and WebEx URLs.

So we added meeting notifications to make it as easy as possible to fire up Less Meeting and start taking notes for your next meeting.

Take Notes With One Click

Why Do I Want This?

  • You’re coming late from your last meeting & forget to open Less Meeting before the next one starts
  • You can see ahead of time that your meeting is missing an agenda and quickly fill one in
  • Or, you’d like a much simpler meeting reminder system than Outlook’s!


  • If you’re already using the Less Meeting Outlook plugin it will update automatically
  • If not, just download & install the latest Outlook plugin

How to Use It

There’s not much to it. All of your meetings from Less Meeting will now show a notification that you can click through to the meeting page in just one click.

And if you’d like, go to your taskbar to change when notifications appear.

If you’re a Google Calendar or non-Outlook user we’ve got you covered too. We’ll have a standalone widget available for you soon. Stay tuned.

Curious what Less Meeting is? Want to find out how you can stop spending so much time in disorganized & ineffective meetings? Create your free Less Meeting account now to see how.

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