New Release: Announcing Google Integration and Other Great Updates

The ability to automatically sync your meetings and tasks with Google; custom meeting minute templates; updates to Daily Digest settings for your meeting attendees; and of course a number of helpful bug fixes?Yep, we’ve got all that and more in the latest LessMeeting release. Check out the details below…

Google Apps Integration with LessMeeting

We’ve been excited about this for awhile. LessMeeting is now fully integrated with GMail & Google Apps. If you use Google Calendar for your scheduling you’ll love this new addition.

As you’d expect with LessMeeting, it’s super simple and easy to use. You actually don’t need to do anything once you get set up: your meetings will automatically sync from Google to LessMeeting and your tasks will automatically sync from LessMeeting back to Google.

To get started, just turn on Google Apps for your account. That’s it. Thanks to all our Google Apps Beta testers who helped us make sure the integration went smoothly.

Quick Tip: Add your agenda right into the Google Calendar so it automatically shows up in LessMeeting (More details here).

Customized Meeting Minutes
Ever wanted a little more control on how your meeting minutes email looks? You can now add a custom logo, change the color scheme, or hide parts of the minutes template. Maybe you’d prefer to hide the MQS so you don’t remind everyone how late you were starting the meeting!

This will be especially useful for Enterprise customers who want to have a standard company-wide meeting minutes template. Control the new look from the meeting closeout screen (below).

Daily Digest Changes
We previously added a setting to turn off the Daily Digest for your meeting attendees. We’ve heard from a number of you that you liked that change, but sometimes want to be able to do the same for a specific meeting.

Now you can! During the meeting closeout simply uncheck the box below.

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