The Importance of Starting and Stopping Meetings on Time


The Executive Decree – “We will start meetings on time, and we will end meetings on time.” At the beginning of my first meeting at a new client, I arrived early and picked my spot near the far corner of the conference room table (I prefer to sit near the corner of the table closest […]

5 Email Templates For Following Up On Action Items

action items

Have you ever walked away from a meeting with a sneaking suspicion that nothing discussed in the meeting will get accomplished? Were you right? Early on in my career, I had too many meetings where followup items just didn’t get done.  It wasn’t because the people were incompetent or didn’t care… normally, it was because […]

How to Schedule a Meeting With Someone You Don’t Know

So you are looking to schedule a meeting with someone you don’t know very well… What is the correct protocol to ask for a meeting? How do you get the meeting without seeming like a jerk? What if they turn you down? These questions can cause you anxiety, especially if you’re an introvert who is […]

Meeting Villains: The Meeting Parrot

Continuing our series on Meeting villains,  today we are talking about The Meeting Parrot.  Boat-drinks on the Beach: You are sitting there in the cabana of the beach bar… you look out onto the white sand beach and see all of the shirtless tanned guys and women in their new designer bikinis enjoying the beautiful […]

Meeting Villains: Meet-Head

Continuing our series on Meeting villains,  today we are talking about The Meet-Head. The Dreaded Invite:You dread when you see the meeting invite from him.  He has scheduled 4 meetings with you already this week, and those meetings digressed into him updating a spreadsheet on the projector while everyone sat and watched. Does he understand […]

Meeting Villains: How to Tell if Someone is a Hijacker.

Previously we introduced you to the Meeting Villains, this is the first installment in that series: The Meeting Hijacker. The Hijacking You didn’t suspect that he would turn out to be a Hijacker. It was your first meeting with him.  He looked pretty clean cut… dressed like any other businessman… with his Brooks Brother shirt, […]