Tell me again, Why Was I Invited To This Meeting?

Do you work with someone who is double-booked for multiple meetings every day? Can you hear them right now… complaining about how they never get anything done because they are in meetings all day? What keeps them from being able to manage their schedule? If you were in their shoes, what would you do to improve […]

Dissecting The Meeting Frog

When you were in high school, if you took any sort of advanced biology courses, one of the projects you had was to dissect a frog.  I’m sure you remember it well… Your teacher gave you a live frog, you had to kill it by sticking a needle in the base of its neck.  Then […]

Attendee Diet: Trim 12 People From Your Meeting Waistline In 4 Weeks

Have you ever found yourself sitting through a conference call with 20+ people when you were actually doing working instead of paying attention to the meeting? POP QUIZ – You get called on… but you were not paying attention.  What do you do: (A) Tell the moderator that you missed the question, ask them to repeat […]

How to Hold the Right Meeting

Meeting problems occur across all sorts of meeting types.   However, some problems are more prevalent in certain types of meetings.  In addition, we have found that not having a clear understanding of the type of meeting you are holding in the first place will magnify the problems you are likely to experience. In the next […]

Lessons Learned For Startup User Signups

Startup Sales 101 – Conversions For any web service based startup, sales are driven by 2 key factors: People visiting your site – You’ve got to get people to your site. Whether it’s viral campaigns, one-on-one sales, online ads, or traditional marketing, people need to see your product or service. For online advertising this is […]

The Hidden Etiquette of Meetings

It’s 3:30 and you glance down at your phone to check your schedule for the rest of the afternoon… Booked solid until 5pm (again). Not a lot a free time available to get work done between all these meetings. Do you constantly struggle with how to get work done with all of meetings you attend. […]