Meeting Search – With a new LessMeeting Release

LessMeeting has rolled out a new release (version 2.1). There are over 30 updates and improvements, but the most noticeable new feature is the updated Meeting Page. The Meeting Page now includes a timeline search filter and advanced search live filters. The video below is a quick overview of the new meeting search functionality: […]

New Release – New features: Linking, Instant Meeting, Mark Private

As some of our users have noticed, LessMeeting released a new version yesterday. LessMeeting 2.0.6 includes a number of changes and improvements that our users have asked for. We are really exited about these features and would love to hear your feedback on them or other feature ideas you have. Link Meetings Many people have […]

Boycott A Meeting Day?

Jason Fried and the team at 37signals are working on an effort to make January 19th “Boycott a Meeting Day”. At first I loved the concept, but the more I started the think about it, the more I began to be troubled by the flaws in the concept of “boycotting meetings”. Here are a few […]

Making Meetings More Expensive

Seth Godin writes in “Making meeting more expensive” about a meeting Fairie who would ensure that meetings are shorter and more effective by performing a few key tasks. Our favorites that he mentions are: Ensuring that every meeting has a clearly defined purpose, and accomplishes that purpose, then ends. We strongly advocate a Fairie to […]

Happy New Year From LessMeeting

The team here at LessMeeting would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. To help you get the year kicked off right, we have released a number of updated LessMeeting features. The following are key new features to help you run better meetings: Assigning Action Items to Multiple People There have been a lot […]

Meeting Etiquette – Technology in Meetings

Clickity, click, click, click…. Scroll wheel…. Click click…. This is the sound from the guy next to you frantically tapping away on his blackberry in the middle of the meeting.Is he checking his Facebook page, is he playing solitaire, or is he responding to an email that is critical to helping your company meet its […]