“Will There Be Food?”

Do you have low attendance in your meetings? Are people leaving before the meeting is actually over? Sounds like you might need some sandwiches.

It’s no secret that people love food. In fact, people love food so much that they are willing to hear what you have to say just to have a bite. Not only will more people come, but a 2011 study on group dynamics by Creighton University found that meetings with food/refreshments directly increased meeting quality.

This is not a new concept- people have been putting candy on their desks to attract visitors even before jolly ranchers were recognized as something more than just happy farmers raising livestock. Although candy can temporarily increase energy levels, here are a few better long-term health foods that will pack more brain power for your next meeting:

Improve learning and memory (omega-3 fatty acids):
flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, grass-fed beef, soybeans

Protect the brain and boost your immune system (antioxidants):
blueberries, green tea, apples, and spinach

Support brain activity (food rich in B vitamins):
meat, brown rice and soy products.

Food brings a sense of community, opens communication between different teams and raises morale in the work place. Sure, you have to fork over a few Benjamins, but it’s a lot cheaper to invest in a meal for 20 people (bulk orders cost less and are tax deductible) vs. individual employees spending $10+ on a meal out of pocket (without spending valuable time with their coworkers). This tiny company investment quickly turns empty stomachs into productive, sociable employees.

Need some ideas? Here are just a few of my favorites:

  1. Chipotle: healthy options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike
  2. Food trucks (Happy Belly, Yumbii): unique options and supports local entrepreneurs!
  3. Corner Bakery: great breakfast and lunch varieties
  4. Yoforia: Who doesn’t want yogurt?
  5. Trader Joe’s: packs of healthy nuts and dried fruits

What are your favorite options?

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