Why do you record audio in your meetings?

Lately one of our more frequent feature requests is for audio recording, especially in our iPad and iPhone apps. Seems like a natural extension to Less Meeting, right?

And if you look through the app store there are tons of audio recording mobile apps, some even a bit pricey. So there appears to be a market for them.

As we think through it more carefully though we’re not sure – what is the real benefit that you think you’ll have with the ability to record the audio of your meetings in Less Meeting?

…To let you focus on the discussion and write up the notes after the meeting?
Sounds great on the surface, but I question how often those notes ever get written. I’d bet there are a ton of audio files out there ready to get transcribed but never get checked off that to-do list.

…To share the audio with someone who missed the meeting?
Again this sounds great, but does it actually happen? And does the person receiving the audio clip ever listen to it, or does that email sit in the inbox unread forever?

…To have on record, for CYA or KX purposes?
Seems valid, but is this really a high priority use case? I suppose it could be in some regulatory circumstances.

…To send off to a transcription service that writes up your minutes for you?
Perhaps, but you don’t want 40 pages of notes if they transcribe word-for-word. Local Atlanta startup TranscriptsHQ has a promising option though, with the ability to give you fully edited notes, cutting out all the fluff and trimming down to the meat of the meeting notes.

…To go back to a certain unclear meeting note, or a certain time in the meeting you missed?
Ok I think we’re starting to get somewhere here. Which means marrying the notes and the audio is pretty important.

Which leads to the simple question – why do you want to record the audio in your meetings? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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