The 35,000 Foot Meeting

We’re excited to announce the newest feature – the ability to attend and participate in meetings from 35,000 feet. Actually this isn’t a new feature, but it might be a first for LessMeeting.I was recently traveling to a client-site meeting and it was one of those days where there were fires to put out all over the place. You know the feeling, right? I had two high priority afternoon calls scheduled but reluctantly declined since I’d be up in the air at that point. Incommunicado! (photo credit: Virgin America/cnet)

However, as we reached 10,000 feet and the flight attendant hawked the Gogo Inflight Internet it hit me – I didn’t have to miss my meetings at all. I immediately signed on and within minutes had joined the LessMeeting meeting space. Even better, my calls had been double booked (go figure!) BUT I was able to follow along with both meetings simultaneously. I got a laugh when I added a couple comments in the collaborative notes and spooked a couple of the attendees.

It was exactly what I needed; I was there in both meetings, without actually being at either. Next time I think I might up the ante and Skype into the meeting as well…Or I may just skip the whole thing and pretend my laptop battery was dead. The point is, it’s a great feeling to have the option when I need it.

What about you? What unusual circumstance have you found yourself using LessMeeting?

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