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Posted by | April 19, 2010 | Meeting Tips | 2 Comments
Have you heard of the 22 Minute Meeting? I recently saw an Ignite presentation by Nicole Steinbok that is dead on with what we’re trying to do here at LessMeeting. Instead of just regurgitating what Nicole said, check out her presentation for yourself below. And since it’s an Ignite presentation, it only takes 5 minutes (and Nicole uses those 5 minutes well!) so you have no excuse not to.There’s even this great meeting guide Nicole has created that you can download.

What excites me the most is that without realizing it Nicole has highlighted some of the best features of LessMeeting. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Schedule a 22 minute meeting – We also hate meetings that are always 30 or 60 minutes. That’s why we allow you to use your Agenda to drive the length of the meeting.
  • Have a goal based agendaRight in Outlook write out clear goals that will drive your agenda. Then after the meeting, measure up to see which goals you achieved.

  • Start on Time – Use the meeting timer to start your meeting clock. Then dive into your meeting analytics to see which meetings start late, run late, and are wasting your time.
  • No laptops, but presenters and note takers – While at LessMeeting we think everyone can be a note taker, the important thing is that we provide the note taker, whoever it is, with the right tools for them to take great notes during the meeting.
  • Focus! Note off topic comments – This is what the parking lot is for…use it!
  • Send notes and action items ASAP – One of my favorite features, when the meeting is over click the End Meeting button and meeting minutes and action items collected during the meeting are all automatically emailed to everyone. Done!

What about you? Do you agree with Nicole? Is there anything you’d add to her poster?


  • Trent says:

    The first thing I thought when I heard was 22 minute meeting was “Ahh, finally a chance to take a bathroom break!”, which was a point Nicole raised as well, but in reality, just having a few minutes to digest the previous meeting and get the summary out is key (vs getting it out a week later like I end up doing now). I like LessMeeting for the notes feature, but I need a way to merge/replace my Evernote habit with it. Have you guys given any thought to a “workflow” suggestion for people who use something like Evernote/OneNote already? That would give me another reason to push towards using more LessMeeting for sure!

    Might be an opp to reach out to Nicole and see if you might collaborate and merge some LessMeeting features into the poster (similar to your comments above)? Obviously you dont want to turn it into “9 steps” that nobody wants to read, but I’m sure you could get something concise and pithy in there that gets the job done.

  • Jeff says:

    That’s a good question Trent. We’ve had a few different folks as for the same thing (especially OneNote) so we’re looking for a way to integrate. At a minimum we’re looking to be able to export your notes to other formats such as OneNote, but are looking for other ideas too so keep the ideas coming.