Templates and Notifications

Keep giving us more great ideas, and we’ll keep building them! We just pushed an exciting upgrade to the Outlook plugin, with 4 notable new features:
  1. Agenda Templates
  2. Tag Suggestions
  3. Upcoming Meeting Notifications
  4. Improved Plugin Layout
New Layout for the LessMeeting Outlook Plugin
Agenda Templates
Ever wish you could just reuse the template for that Sales Meeting you keep having over and over again? Or not sure what a good status meeting should have in it? This is our first step towards solving that problem. The first iteration has a list of common templates. Fear not… in the coming versions, you’ll be able to maintain your own templates, and even share them with your teams.
Tag Suggestions
You told us that teams were awesome, but they revealed that we were all using different tags! Now tags are automatically suggested based on the attendees you add to your meeting and other tags you use. The Agenda Templates will also filter by the tags you use.
Upcoming Meeting Notifications
Love LessMeeting, but forget occasionally to open up the web space to take notes? This feature is for you. We’ve hooked into Meeting Notifications to pop-up a reminder with your agenda and a link to go to your meeting space.
You don’t need to do anything special to upgrade. Let us know what you want next!

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