Meeting Minutes Template Generator

How Do You Take Notes?

Fact: Everyone has different styles and preferences for running meetings and taking notes. This is true even within the Less Meeting team.

Some take notes electronically, some go old school with pen & paper, and there are many of us who use some combo in between. My preference is to take notes on printouts or in a notebook with one of my favorite pens. Despite my terrible handwriting, I enjoy the process of physically writing something down and I enjoy drawing pictures/visuals.

Paper Based Inspiration

I am a huge fan of David Seah’s “The Printable CEO” collection. You should take a look at The Printable CEO Series. David focuses on simple, efficient ways, to use well designed templates to help increase your productivity on a daily basis.

David’s “Printable CEO” templates were the source of inspiration for a new feature of LessMeeting: Meeting Minutes Template generator. This printable format for taking meeting minutes will help you organize your notes and even better, is free. As in 100% free, no account needed.

For the meeting minute template generator, we had two primary goals:

  • Make it usable – As with everything we do in LessMeeting, we have tried to make this template usable. We focused on the meeting best practices of having an agenda, action items, and space for recording key points and decisions.
  • Make it pretty – Everyone likes to have printouts that make them look impressive when you show up for a meeting.
Minutes Template in action

The Meeting Notes Template:

You can access the Meeting Minutes Template generator at:

To use the meting template generator follow these three simple steps:

  1. Go to the Meeting Minutes Template Generator and enter your meeting information.
  2. Click on the create template button and print out the PDF meeting minute template that is automatically generated.
  3. Use your favorite pen to record your meeting notes on your printable meeting minutes.

Here’s the Meeting Minutes Template in Action:

Want more than just a basic paper solution? Want to really stand out among your coworkers as someone who has their meetings in order?

Learn more about Less Meeting here.

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