LessMeeting Update – A Focus on Efficiency

We commend you for taking the initiative to increase productivity and eliminating waste from your workplace with LessMeeting. Ever since the release of LessMeeting we’ve received valued feedback and suggestions for improvements. During the past few months our team has worked hard to develop and implement many of the proposed enhancements. Because of your effort and the LessMeeting commitment to efficiency we are pleased to announce an exciting set of new features.

Here are just a few of the upgrades that will be released today!

Integrated Task Sync: Action items created in LessMeeting will now sync within the Tasks pane inside

Historical Meeting Sync: Previous and future meetings that have attendee(s) and/or LessMeeting information will automatically sync to your dashboard.

Improved Outlook Client: We have reworked the Outlook client to improve performance and stability. An Outlook delay for Active Directory users is a thing of the past.

Increased Security: We have taken greater steps to ensure your critical information remains secure. The entire website and all transactions from the Outlook client are over SSL. The Outlook client now requires you to login and verify your account with LessMeeting.

Love-them or hate-them, meetings are here to stay. The meeting serves as the hub for almost all decision making and collaborative communication from corporate strategy to projects management to brainstorming exercises. Because LessMeeting users have recognized the importance of meetings and seek out process improvements their companies and teams are reaping the benefit of greater bottom-line results. To ensure this powerful trend continues please keeping your comments and feedback coming.

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