LessMeeting Presents “You make the Call”

“Recently we debated the most useful handheld device for driving meeting effectiveness and efficiency using LessMeeting. It was a split decision with half the team voting iPad and the other half voting iPhone.There are advantages and disadvantages to both and our team spent a great deal of time laying LessMeeting use cases for both devises. On one hand the iPad would offer the same functionality and features LessMeeting users enjoy today, but at the moment there is a limited (but growing) number of iPads being used in business environments. On the other hand the iPhone users are everywhere from the boardroom to the mailroom, however, applying LessMeeting to this device would mean a decrease in features and functions. There are certainly many more pros and cons for both side of this discussion, but that’s where you come in.

In the spirit of democracy (and the best IBM ad-campaign ever) we open the floor to anyone who would like to cast a vote. Please let us know which device you feel LessMeeting is best suited for and why.

image source: wikipedia.net

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