How To: Add Agendas & Tags to Google Calendar Meeting Invites

We’ve been asked a few times recently how to add Tags and Agendas to meetings in Google Calendar.

Sounds like a perfect topic for a blog post.

Why Add a Plan in Google Calendar?

Sure you can add tags & agendas directly in Less Meeting. Do this in Google Calendar when you create your invite, though, and reduce the number of steps it takes to create a new meeting.

And if you’re trying to run better meetings, you’ll also know that sending out the meeting plan to attendees before the meeting is a must.

Ok I’m In, How Do I Add a Plan to GCal?

It’s super straight forward. Just follow these 2 steps:

1. Sync your Less Meeting & Google Calendar accounts. Do that here

2. Type out your Agenda & Tags in the description, like this:

How to Format Your Agenda & Tags

When typing out your plan there are some simple format requirements.

– Start with the text, “Agenda:”
– Add the agenda number followed by a right parenthesis. Like this, “1)”, “2)”, and so on
Optional: add each agenda length. Format is “(X min)” where X is the number of minutes
Optional: add sub-agendas. Format is “- ” followed by the title

– Start with the text, “Tags:”
– Separate each tag with a comma
– Add as many tags as you want

That’s all there is to it. Less Meeting does the rest, automatically reading your plan and adding it to your meeting.


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