Death to the Informational Meeting?

Al Pittampalli over at Work Awesome has started an interesting meeting edict: Cancel all further informational meetings!

In an era of social media abundance, where so many rich methods of communication are everywhere (e-mail, recorded audio, recorded video, etc.) why are we still herding people together to hear policy updates? Meeting for the purpose of disseminating information is like washing your dishes with Evian water. It works, but it’s expensive and slightly ridiculous..

This is easier said than done though, as Al admits.  There are two big barriers in the way:

Convenience – People will need to take time to write an e-mail or memo instead of just discussing the matter in a meeting.

Fear – People are afraid that if they don’t hold a meeting no one will listen to what they have to say.

I think Al’s second fear is somewhat justified.  Think about it – how often have you ignored a simple status e-mail that you should have spent 15 minutes to read?  Be honest!

With the right company culture and commitment from team members this idea hits at some interesting points that are right on board with LessMeeting.  Let’s remove toxic meetings that drag down productivity and instead focus on quality meetings with clear goals, decisions, and takeaways.

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