Announcing Reminders Integration for iPad/iPhone

We’ve got a short & sweet mobile app update – announcing action item integration with your iPad/iPhone Reminders app!

Setting up Sync with your Reminders App

How does the sync work between your Less Meeting app and your iPad or iPhone?

Simple, just turn it on from the “Settings” tab of the Less Meeting app.

Make sure to allow Less Meeting to access your Reminders app. If you accidentally tapped “Don’t Allow” you can fix that by going to Settings > Privacy > Reminders and flipping Less Meeting to “On”.

Now, all your open to-dos from Less Meeting will automatically sync to the Reminders app, including their due date and details.

You can edit and complete your tasks from either the Reminders app or Less Meeting, and the updates will automatically sync to each other.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve setup your Reminders app with iCloud, your action items will also sync to your computer.

We’ve knocked out a number of other bug fixes, pesky app crashes and performance improvements in this release, so make sure to update your app today.

PS – Reminders sync only works for iOS 6 users. We’d love to support iOS 5 integration but unfortunately that’s out of our control.

Don’t have the Less Meeting iPad or iPhone apps yet? They’re free and no account is needed, so why wait? Download the free apps to start running productive meetings today.

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