An Easy Way to Start Owning Your Meeting Schedule

The only thing better than a short meeting is the meeting that gets cancelled. Quick, efficient meetings are fantastic.The problem is, I often bite off more than I can chew. I tend to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to actually keeping the meeting short. Think of me as the restaurant host who always says […]

iPad and iPhone Less Meeting Apps Now Available – And Free!

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Less Meeting family.First we brought better meetings to the web. Then we let you connect Less Meeting to any Calendar, working behind the scenes to seamlessly and automatically sync all your meetings to Less Meeting. Now we’ve gone mobile, taking Less Meeting to your iPad/iPhone. It’s […]

New Release: One-click agendas, New help resources, and more…

In the latest Less Meeting release we’ve made it easier to create agendas on the fly, launched a brand new support site, gave you a taste of the new Less Meeting look, and more.Get the details below. Create an Agenda in One-Click In an ideal world every meeting would have a plan going into it […]

First Up on my To-Do List: Keep my To-Do List

Have you seen any of the posts lately calling out to-do lists as Productivity Porn? They want us to give them up, go cold turkey, and – I know this sounds crazy – start relying on our brains to remember what to do. This would be awesome, right? Freedom from that layer of post-its taped […]

A Simple Hack to Make Your Manager Love You

Most managers are in meetings all day – it’s part of the job. But what if it didn’t need to be that way? How to Get Your Manager to Just Say “No” The reason why managers feel the need to be in meetings all of the time is because they want to be “kept in […]

Super Simple Evernote Integration with Less Meeting

Evernote is one of the best tools we’ve found for managing all the thoughts & ideas in our lives – both at work and at home. And Evernote does a great job of making all those notes: easy to find available anywhere available from any device But at the end of the day Evernote is […]