Why Face to Face Meetings Are Still Critical to Your Business

I call it the 35,000 foot problem. It’s that it’s expensive…frustratingly expensive…to travel to a business meeting. After a flight, a night at a hotel, meals, and a few odds & ends, your meeting costs $1,000 before it’s even started. Thankfully technology has solved the 35,000 foot problem. It’s great what you can do with […]

Google Wants You to Have Better Meetings Too

I remember years ago when I’d install a new software program – the first thing I’d do would be to comb the vast settings menus to tweak the program just to my liking. I’d spend hours figuring out all the intricacies of each program till I knew all the ins & outs. (Embarrassingly I enjoyed […]

Why You Should Quit Praising Stand-Up Meetings

Is your computer running antivirus software? Chances are it is, and every morning when you start up your computer it downloads new antivirus definitions in order to protect against the latest viruses and spyware. This is know as signature-based detection. There’s an interesting problem with this model though. You see, each time your antivirus software […]

Should I Bring My Laptop To Your Meeting?

A couple weeks back I was in a client meeting giving a presentation of two alternate solutions. Afterward I asked the lead architect for her recommendation.“Uhhhhh, can you repeat that again real quick?” she blankly asked.Seriously?! I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes describing everything, but you were too busy hacking away on your Blackberry. […]

Managing the Meeting Hog

Ball Hogs & Meeting Hogs Dave Berri over at Freakonomics recently came up with an interesting analogy between meetings and the NBA…yes the National Basketball Association. He argues that ball hogs and never-ending meetings suffer from the same problem: a combination of over confidence + under competence. In basketball, ball hogs take too many of […]

Meeting Villains: The Meeting Parrot

Continuing our series on Meeting villains,  today we are talking about The Meeting Parrot.  Boat-drinks on the Beach: You are sitting there in the cabana of the beach bar… you look out onto the white sand beach and see all of the shirtless tanned guys and women in their new designer bikinis enjoying the beautiful […]