Getting To-Dos to To-Done

Yep, I just went there. I couldn’t help myself with that title.Seriously though, there’s a real problem here. While over 63% of professionals create to-do lists, a paltry 11% actually finish the tasks they plan to do each day. Thanks LinkedIn via WSJ. photo via koalazmonkey Like we did last week, let’s start with a […]

Google Wants You to Have Better Meetings Too

I remember years ago when I’d install a new software program – the first thing I’d do would be to comb the vast settings menus to tweak the program just to my liking. I’d spend hours figuring out all the intricacies of each program till I knew all the ins & outs. (Embarrassingly I enjoyed […]

2 New Great Web Conferencing Tools…and they’re FREE

Whether you’re a traveling consultant or you work for a company that has multiple office locations, there’s a good chance that you use conference calls for meetings. In the past you would get a conference dial-in number, send that to all of the participants,and then dial in the admin code yourself. There’s a handful of […]

We’re Not Alone – New Startups Agree That Meetings Can Be Fixed

As we’ve said before, LessMeeting was born out of a shared frustration with just how bad the meetings we’ve been in can be.  We tried to find a solution but didn’t see anything that helped our problem. At the time products mostly addressed what we call “The 35,000 Foot Problem”, or how to use technology […]

More Bang for the Buck

Great comment from McKinsey that solidifies the LessMeeting position that improved interaction among knowledge workers is the fastest and most cost effective means of increasing productivity. Quote from the McKinsey Quarterly: “Since knowledge workers spend half their time on interactions, our research and experience suggest that companies should first explore the productivity barriers that impede […]

Rise of the Knowledge Worker: Removing Productivity Bottlenecks

What Matters: Using technology to improve workforce collaboration For some time now LessMeeting has trumpeted a concept which this article so aptly points out. Workforce productivity can no longer be measured with manufacturing output numbers alone, the workforce and the definition of workforce productivity has changed. There’s been a shift in the employment landscape, today […]