What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are simply a written record of a meeting, huddle, or discussion. Meeting minutes are used to update members that were unable or too busy to attend a meeting. They can be used to assign tasks and set reminders for future actions that need to get done.

How Do Less Meeting’s Meeting Minutes Work?

With Less Meeting, you can update coworkers, assign tasks, highlight key decisions, brand notes, and easily share meeting minutes with your team. This holds team members accountable for items that are assigned to them and they get built in reminders to keep them on track- so that you don’t have to.

Less Meeting seamlessly integrates meeting productivity with your calendars, notes, and to-dos on Outlook and Google Apps. Don’t have your computer with you? No problem – use our mobile app to take meeting minutes wherever they take you.

Less Meeting’s Free Meeting Minutes Template

If you are looking for a free meeting minutes template, feel free to use it any time here. If you like what you see, sign up for a free trial today and begin utilizing your meeting minutes with the rest of your process. Change your meeting culture today.