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New Recurring Meeting Feature Release

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Did you forget what happened in last week’s status meeting? Or forget to do an action item before today’s daily status meeting? Based on feedback from beta Users we have released some cool new recurring meeting features to make sure that never happens again. Your online meeting space now links all aspects of your recurring meeting series so that you can seamlessly progress from meeting to meeting. The following sections will go into more detail about the new features for recurring meetings.Action Item History

If you forget to complete yesterday’s action item before today’s daily status meeting don’t worry we didn’t forget! Action item tracking for recurring meetings has been our most requested recurring meeting feature. Track outstanding items and view completed items since the last meeting so you can start managing your to-dos across many meetings.

Meeting History

Meeting history is new to LessMeeting and provides a glimpse into previous meetings. With a quick glance you can see previous meeting attendance, ratings, action items and actual meeting times. And if that is not enough information then click on the meeting date to quickly and easily visit that meeting’s space.

Average Agenda Timing

We now provide you with the average time spent on agenda items with in your recurring meetings.

Attendance History

We have added attendance history for recurring meetings making easier than ever to know who is there and who is not. You can also start to see trends so you can get an idea of who’s skipping out on more than their fair share of the weekly status meeting.

Parking Lot History

What’s the point of the parking lot if you never address those items? Parking lot entries for recurring meetings now carry over to the next meeting occurrence. You can also promote entries to agenda items or remove them from the parking lot altogether.

New Feature Release

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We’re excited to show off some of the new features we just released:Revised Meeting Player

Our ‘Meeting Player’ got an upgrade so you can always see it on the page. We were getting some feedback that it was too easy to forget about it after you started the meeting. So now it floats at the bottom of the page – kind of like the Facebook bar.

Click the ‘Start Meeting’ button to start timing your meeting. See how much time you wasted waiting for everyone to get to the meeting on time! And when you’re done, see how much you went over/under what you planned.

Printable Agenda Worksheet

Now you can have a hard copy printout to take meeting notes – whether it’s because you don’t like the idea of computers in meetings, or because you don’t have WiFi in your conference rooms.  Use the ‘Print Agenda’ button in the Outlook client or the link in the online meeting space to generate a printable PDF that lets you record all the same information that the online tool lets you record.  The worksheet makes it simple to come back and type your notes into LessMeeting so you’ll have them to search through later.

Preview Invite Button

Have you ever been unsure exactly what the meeting request emails we’re generating look like?   We’ve gotten some feedback that sometimes there’s one or two things you wish you could have tweaked, or there was hesitation that first time you hit send because you weren’t sure exactly what was coming.  We’ve added a ‘Preview Invite’ button in the Outlook plugin for just that reason.  You’ll see your meeting invite with all the goals, agenda items, and tags put right into the body text.  (If you’re curious about the meeting minutes email, look for the preview link there as well)

Minute Sliders
As part of our ongoing goal to make the UI as simple as possible, we’ve introduced sliders to quickly set the length of your agenda items.  You’ll notice the change in the plugin, as well as the web interface.  It’s only a few clicks faster than before, but we’re committed to going out of our way to make changes like this, where it just makes things feel easier.  Now you can rapidly pop off your agenda items, quickly change the time, and you have even fewer reasons not to include your meeting agenda!

There are a bunch of other updates in this release, but we just wanted to highlight a few of the things we’ve been up to.   We’d love to hear your feedback!

Do You Like Meetings As Much As We Do?

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LessMeeting is participating in the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) / Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Business Launch competition. The purpose of the Business Launch is to support economic development in Georgia by encouraging and supporting the creation and growth of new companies that will strengthen and expand Georgia’s strategic high tech clusters. We are competing for a $50k cash prize along with a suite of professional services estimated to be worth an additional $200k to the winner.

As part of the competition Blake and I decided to put our pride to the side and created a satirical infomercial for the People’s Choice award. The People’s Choice winners automatically win a place in the semi-final round of the Business Launch.

Support LessMeeting’s fight against bad meetings and vote for our video (video #6) so our fight is not in shame vain.

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