About Us

Less Meeting was accidentally formed by four technology consultants in 2010 trying to cope with the endless supply of meetings in the work place.

With longer work days and less time for actual work, founder Blake Byrnes developed a very basic version of Less Meeting to help organize and restore accountability in the organizations he worked with.

After more and more coworkers/clients started asking how they could start using the software as well, Less Meeting quickly became the go-to for anyone looking to set agendas, share meeting minutes and manage to-dos.

Less Meeting is currently made up of 6 dedicated employees and 3 dogs, based out of one of the first buildings built after the Civil War in Atlanta, GA. We are committed to bringing organization and purpose back to your meetings, and are always available to help in anyway we can.

I’d post pictures of our mugs, but I’m sure you’d much rather see the three cute pups that frequently wander the halls of the office.


 Casey “Chief Love Officer” Byrnes


Riley “Chief Belly Rub” Steinke


Dexter “Chief Sweeper” Weber